The Bowl Factory

The Bowl Factory


Hi there, I’m Mike Owens. I’m the founder of the The Bowl Factory, where I hand make custom wooden bowls and furniture in my home-based workshop.

I’ve been turning bowls for over 20 years, and have developed my skills and machinery to now be able to take on any turning project that comes my way, no matter the size.

I started out in the early 90’s with a small multi-purpose woodworking tool that I bought on sale just for the heck of it. At that point, I was only working with walnut, turning mostly salad bowls that I gave to friends.

From there I honed my skills, using a variety of different words, turning larger, complex bowls and experimenting with more intricate designs.

But I noticed that many of the machines I used couldn’t handle the increasing sizes of wood. So in 2010 I built my own lathe machine to craft bigger and better products.

Since then my business has grown by word of mouth thanks to the many happy customers I have acquired over the years.