How wooden bowls can help turn a house into a home

There’s something homely about wood, a certain rustic charm that brings an element of warmth to even most industrial looking houses. But if your home isn’t currently built with wooden doors, floors and ceilings, installing these features is costly, time consuming and disruptive.

Fortunately there are better ways of bringing the natural feel of wood into your living space without ripping up the floor boards.

Affordable ambient design with wooden bowls

Wooden bowls are great for more than just salad and fruit. In fact, many people these days are using them as ornaments to hang on their walls. This unique design feature is powerful and cost effective too.

As our society continues to move further and further away from nature, many have begun to feel the need to create an earthier ambience in their homes.

Woodwork, whether in the form of small furniture or bowls, can add a tangible relaxing atmosphere to any room.

Commission your own custom made wooden bowls today

Mike Owens, founder and master craftsman at The Bowl Factory has a passion for turning bowls. With over 20 years of woodworking experience, Mike can provide exceptional quality products tailored to your unique requirements.

At The Bowl Factory Mike produces furniture too. He has vast knowledge of the different wood-types, their unique shades, textures and applications. This accompanied by the skill of a veteran artisan, has given him a reputation for excellence.

The Bowl Factory aims to provide down to earth patrons with high quality wooden bowls handcrafted to your specs. Having done this for years, Mike can also guide you as to the best wood, stain and style to suit the piece’s application.

Get in touch today to order your very own handmade wooden bowls or furniture pieces from one of the best in the business.

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