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Top 5 budget friendly ways to liven up your home with wood

Wooden features are an essential design element in any modern home. There’s just no other material that emanates the same warm vibe. But giving your home a woody makeover can cost millions, and more often than not, wooden floorboards, doors and ceiling panels can cause problems.

If you’re interested in getting all the benefits of wood without the headaches, this list should be right up your alley.

#1 – Coasters

  While wooden coasters seem a bit paradoxical at first, since most people use coasters to keep moisture off their wooden table tops; these slices of beauty are varnished to never stain. Wooden coasters look exquisite on a glass table and bring subtle balance to modern, minimalist design.

#2 – Lampshades

  A wooden lampshade isn’t something you’ll come across every day. And before commissioning an artisan to build you one, you’ll need to consider the thickness of the wood and the size of the shade; so you don’t burn your house down. But when done right, this unique addition to your favorite room, will bring a soft, laid-back feel to the room it lights.

#3 – Clocks

 In much the same vain as the coasters, wooden clocks get their style from the raw bisected look. Wooden clocks can be great in the kitchen or even the lounge. This strong stylish feature makes even most dull looking walls sexy and vibrant.

#4 – Vases

 Wooden vases made from the right wood that are hollowed out and varnished on the inside, can add an even more natural feel to your flower displays. While you may need to commission a craftsman to help you with this one, it’s well worth it for the final effect.

 #5 – Bowls

  Wooden bowls are often used as ornaments in modern homes, placed in the center of tables or on the walls as artwork. If you can find the right wood, with an interesting grain (pattern), this sort of wall feature can be really effective.

If you’re looking to find a shop that has custom wood bowls for sale or an artisan who can build a wooden piece designed to your spec, Mike at The Bowl Factory is your man.

Mike’s had over 20 years of experience turning custom wood bowls for sale all around the US. He also makes furniture and a number of other wood related ornaments.

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How wooden bowls can help turn a house into a home

There’s something homely about wood, a certain rustic charm that brings an element of warmth to even most industrial looking houses. But if your home isn’t currently built with wooden doors, floors and ceilings, installing these features is costly, time consuming and disruptive.

Fortunately there are better ways of bringing the natural feel of wood into your living space without ripping up the floor boards.

Affordable ambient design with wooden bowls

Wooden bowls are great for more than just salad and fruit. In fact, many people these days are using them as ornaments to hang on their walls. This unique design feature is powerful and cost effective too.

As our society continues to move further and further away from nature, many have begun to feel the need to create an earthier ambience in their homes.

Woodwork, whether in the form of small furniture or bowls, can add a tangible relaxing atmosphere to any room.

Commission your own custom made wooden bowls today

Mike Owens, founder and master craftsman at The Bowl Factory has a passion for turning bowls. With over 20 years of woodworking experience, Mike can provide exceptional quality products tailored to your unique requirements.

At The Bowl Factory Mike produces furniture too. He has vast knowledge of the different wood-types, their unique shades, textures and applications. This accompanied by the skill of a veteran artisan, has given him a reputation for excellence.

The Bowl Factory aims to provide down to earth patrons with high quality wooden bowls handcrafted to your specs. Having done this for years, Mike can also guide you as to the best wood, stain and style to suit the piece’s application.

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How to choose the best wood type

How to choose the best wood type to suit your unique needs

The effect a great piece of wood can have on a room is unparalleled by any other material. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, wooden ceilings, floorboards or even a set of custom turned bowls; wood provides a natural ambience in any environment.

But deciding on the right wood for what you want to do, can often be difficult if you don’t know much about the various wood types and their unique characteristics.

Outdoor wood that can weather the storm

If you’re looking to buy outdoor furniture, it’s important to use a weather resistant wood type. Wood that doesn’t cope well with moisture will begin to rot from the very first time it’s exposed to water.

Your best options when it comes to wood that can endure the elements are:

  • Cedar – Relatively soft, straight grained, reddish colored, slightly aromatic, moderately priced and Cedar is easily accessible in Atlanta
  • Redwood – Fairly soft but a little harder than Cedar, also straight grained, reddish colored, moderately price and easily accessible
  • White oak – Strong, hardwood, great for flooring, ‘ray flake’ patterned grain, hard to find and so will be a quite pricey
  • Teak – Probably your best bet for outdoor furniture if you can find it, oily textured, golden brown colored, relatively hard, quite expensive and not easily acquired

Construction wood that’ll stay solid for decades

While you’d expect the construction industry to be ruled by hardwoods, western red cedar wood is in fact one of the most common woods used for building exteriors. This is most likely because it handles moisture so well. It’s also well priced and easily available.

The other wood that’s great for building and often used in construction is fir. Fir is a reasonably strong wood that falls into the softwood category. It’s often referred to as Douglas Fir and is very common and well-priced.

Wood for turning, sculpture and artwork

There are a few factors that contribute to the artistic appeal of wood. The most obvious are perhaps the grain and color. But other variables like the aroma can have a huge impact on the natural beauty of a custom turned bowl, handmade sculpture or even picture frame.

Some of the most aesthetically awesome wood types include:

  • Birch – Comes in yellow and white, is a strong hardwood, less expensive than most hardwoods, beautiful looking, great for fine furniture and sculpting
  • Oak – commonly used for furniture, comes in red and white, beautiful “ray flake” grain
  • Walnut – Pretty strong hardwood, rich brown color, quite expensive, but you’ll get better results from an sculptor as this wood is quite easy to work with

If you’d like to get a custom turned bowl or piece of hand crafted furniture made by one of the best artisans in the business, contact Mike at The Bowl Factory to discuss details today.

Mike is a veteran turner with over 20 years of experience. Having worked with most wood types, Mike will always be able to guide you on the best wood for the project you have in mind. Get in touch to commission your very own hand made piece today.