Top 5 budget friendly ways to liven up your home with wood

Wooden features are an essential design element in any modern home. There’s just no other material that emanates the same warm vibe. But giving your home a woody makeover can cost millions, and more often than not, wooden floorboards, doors and ceiling panels can cause problems.

If you’re interested in getting all the benefits of wood without the headaches, this list should be right up your alley.

#1 – Coasters

  While wooden coasters seem a bit paradoxical at first, since most people use coasters to keep moisture off their wooden table tops; these slices of beauty are varnished to never stain. Wooden coasters look exquisite on a glass table and bring subtle balance to modern, minimalist design.

#2 – Lampshades

  A wooden lampshade isn’t something you’ll come across every day. And before commissioning an artisan to build you one, you’ll need to consider the thickness of the wood and the size of the shade; so you don’t burn your house down. But when done right, this unique addition to your favorite room, will bring a soft, laid-back feel to the room it lights.

#3 – Clocks

 In much the same vain as the coasters, wooden clocks get their style from the raw bisected look. Wooden clocks can be great in the kitchen or even the lounge. This strong stylish feature makes even most dull looking walls sexy and vibrant.

#4 – Vases

 Wooden vases made from the right wood that are hollowed out and varnished on the inside, can add an even more natural feel to your flower displays. While you may need to commission a craftsman to help you with this one, it’s well worth it for the final effect.

 #5 – Bowls

  Wooden bowls are often used as ornaments in modern homes, placed in the center of tables or on the walls as artwork. If you can find the right wood, with an interesting grain (pattern), this sort of wall feature can be really effective.

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